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This post has no scientific reasons about which kind of tools a professional needs to use. The use of these tools spans from development to operations to maintainance to marketing to support and to PR and so on. Not everything may be needed by a [your favourite technology] developer. The tools may be relevant to Internet startups. I use (or used) them for getting my work done.

Stomp - Turn 100 words into a cinematic intro

Trello - to track project(s)

Visual studio - seems to be world’s most impressive IDE

Postman - the super API test tool

Workbench and SSMS - Database studios

Sql search - to search anything in entire SQL server

Skype - for free chat

Ubuntu - less cost linux server

Mono - cross platform .NET for removing windows licensing costs

HackerNews - lot of lovely information

Google analytics - to track the site performance

MailChimp - email marketing

Mail gun - for upto 10k free & automated monthly emails using simple API

Zoho Email - for business emails

AddThis - for socializing content

Alexa - to check global site ranking

Pocket - to read later

Dropbox - for file backup

Google Compute engine - for clouding

FileZilla - for FTP-ing

GoDaddy - for DNS and SSL certificate management

Firebug - specially for sniffing http requests

Chrome - all in one web browser with the best developer console

jsFiddle - to test CSS, HTML and javascript elements

Git - for code control, while Github is horribly expensive, BitBucket is better for startups

YSlow? - for website health tests

Atom - a hackable editor

HTTrack website Copier - to download entire web based documentations

Stackoverflow - technical knowledge collaboration

The muse - for executive education

CDN - for offloading our own servers

Font awesome - for free and fast fonts

Bootstrap - mature UI infrastructure

SASS - mature CSS pre-processor

Scout App - mature SASS pre-processing tool

Ionic - hybrid apps development framework

AngularJS - asynchronous javascript framework

Web Essentials - for so many web development features

Product hunt, AngelList and Techcrunch - for latest startups

Jekyll and Github pages - for static pages hosting

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