How to submit Facebook Messenger App for Review

Facebook app review rejection reasons


To publish a bot on the Facebook the following stuff are required to be ready:

  • Icon: You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The size of the image must be 1024 x 1024 pixels. File size limit 5 MB
  • App display name
  • Contact Email – In case if anyone (or Facebook) wants to contact a company
  • Category – the business category for which bot is getting published
  • Privacy policy URL
  • Terms of Service URL
  • Video - You’ll be prompted to upload a screen-cast of your chat-bot working
  • Facebook page

Most of the above stuff can be done with common sense and below is the actual review submission.

Add messenger in Products if not already added

Add messenger in Products

Add permissions required by the app

Go to the Messenger tab in the App Dashboard. Find the App Review section and select the permissions needed by the app.

Messenger app permissions

Edit Notes for Each Submission

After selecting the permissions, one can edit the notes for each submission. Click on Edit Notes for each permission. Make sure to fill each form and any other missing items before clicking Submit for Review.

Edit Notes for Each Submission

Facebook will need confirmation before submission:

Facebook submission confirmation

Submit for Approval

Once you’ve submitted your app, you can view the App Review section to see the status of your approval.

Submit and Wait for Approval

Submission received


Sometimes, the approval can be partial too:

Partial Permission granted

If the app submission is approved/rejected, Facebook sends a notification. Also, the App Review section will show the green ticks to approved permissions, if the permissions are granted.

Approved permissions

That’s it.

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