Ninaithaale innikkum

Gem was the rainbow. The stone - blood of serious grey.

That first day of painful loss. Needed strength.

Dry eyes for colors. Rocks on the shoulder. Knees to the earth. Reminding every day, there is no rainbow.

The kind habits of the past. The bravery of humbleness. The speed and sleeves.

Stone broken. Once a mountain, in the skies. A loser. Not a loser of the worlds.

A crushed stone. There is nothing. Just a few signs. The heat of loss.

Confessed. The fear of losing priceless. Fear with aggression of care. Fear with greed of obsession. Yes, the gem was priceless.

And the lasting pain. The cost of that brief ego… The rainbow was always bright. But the grey.

And the lesson for life.

Risk, loss and sacrifice.

Strange lesson. Very confusing.

There was no proof. From painful loss to sacrifice. The gift of happiness. What? - sacrifice?

We don’t see it. You don’t see it. Till the last breath. Hide in the smile…

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