Study on technical feasibility of WhatsApp bot implementation



There is a secret pilot program which WhatsApp is working on with selected businesses

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For some of my technical experiments, I was trying to figure out how beneficial and feasible it is to implement bots for different chat platforms in terms of market share and so possibilities of adaptation. Especially when you have bankruptly failed twice, it’s important to validate ideas and fail more faster.

Popular chat platforms like Messenger, Slack, Skype etc. have happily (in the sense officially) provided APIs for bots to interact with except, WhatsApp.

However, since many years, a lot of activities has happened around this - struggle towards automated interaction with WhatsApp platform:

  1. Bots App Bots App is interesting because it shows that something is really tried and tested.

  2. Yowsup A project still actively developed to interact with WhatsApp platform.

  3. Yallagenie Yallagenie claim that there is a demo bot which can be interacted with at +971 56 112 6652

  4. Hubtype Hubtype is working towards having a bot platform for WhatsApp for business.

  5. Fred Fred’s task was to automate WhatsApp conversations, however since it was not officially supported by WhatsApp - it was shut down.

  6. Oye Gennie A bot blocked by WhatsApp.

  7. App/Website to WhatsApp We can use custom URL schemes and Android intent system to interact with WhatsApp but still NOT WhatsApp API.

  8. Chat API daemon Probably created by inspecting the API calls in WhatsApp web version. NOT affiliated with WhatsApp.

  9. WhatsBot Deactivated WhatsApp bot. Created during a hackathon.

  10. No API claim WhatsApp co-founder clearly stated this in a conference that they did not had any plans for APIs for WhatsApp.

  11. Bot Ware They probably are expecting WhatsApp to release their APIs for chat bot platforms.

  12. Vixi They seems to be talking about how some platform which probably would work for WhatsApp. There is no clarity as such.

  13. Unofficial API This API can shut off any time.

And the number goes on…

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