Company motivation statement

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I have read many company values but the ones from Google, facebook and Atlassian looked most logical.

Thinking of how people write, I tried to jump in and here is a fleshy document stating a nice company’s motivation.

Focus on user

We build everything from the ground up with you in mind. Whether it’s something new or an enhancement, it is forced to serve you.

Believing this give us enough confidence that, everything else will follow us.

  • make products insanely quick, before light emits from it’s source
  • show products simple, clean and smart
  • democratize and respect it
  • don’t #@!% the user

Innovate with focus

  • hack - a lot, break your head (not mirrors), repeat
  • do one thing really, really good
  • follow 80-20 rule - impactful?, do it. Otherwise, throw it
  • always ask this - is there a need?
  • balance

Be bold and honest

Doing big things requires lot of courage. Be bold, just do it.

  • no politics
  • no fearful decisions
  • take responsibilities and collaborate
  • take risks, inpire and have fun
  • fail and fail faster
  • don’t evil for money

Be open, honest, confident and integrated. That’s how we want to be known. It allows us to make better decisions. As clear as a brand new mirror.