Digi marketing workshop



Last sunday I attended a workshop for digital marketing and communication strategies. The communication part was explained well, while I felt that digital marketing was a revision.

My take way was the few lines I heard:

  • Any app will not be installed and used if it is not of daily utility
  • I will uninstall the shopping app (which offers discount) after I’m done.

While I feel that 2nd line is a little difficult to judge upon. I have seen people just crazily surfing for shoes, apparels etc on shopping apps even after sale ended.

Nobody wants that crazy shiny app just to eat up (already short) memory.

In the communication part, we were given scenario of a meeting where a guy comes late for meetings and everyone has to wait.

The question was how do you deal with such an individual?

The answer:

  • Keep track of facts, facts cannot be denied (Since last 3 meetings, you’re late for 5,7,15 minutes one after the other)
  • Take burden on yourself, you will not be called rude (since you’re late for 5 minutes, I have to wrap the introduction part in 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes)
  • Ask for problems which the individual is facing (nobody is interested in hurting you by coming late for a meeting)
  • Offer solutions (If this time is not fine, we can meet at everyone’s coolest time)

Humans, they’re sense making species.

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