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“A great place to work” - whenever I hear this phrase, one name comes to my mind. The place of fun, knowledge and the place to do what you love. Surely - NextServices. In one of the non trivial meetings, I heard someone saying -

What we are learning here - collectively as an org is going to be more and more relevant for what you can do in your life.

The place to have fun

I don’t know how this harmony is maintained in our corporate house amidst Mind space. The fun activities we perform add more bounce to what we do.

These fun activities are especially an opportunity for re-opening arms. An opportunity to do something unusual. To become a kid again :D

The technology forced org

The way we have leveraged the technology is amazing. Letting people do more work through automations. Having an in-house certified EHR, available across platforms does proves what we call ourselves - a technology forced org!

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