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One of the worst thing one may really hate to do is mundane form filling. We have a few old projects who really do just that. For a healthcare provider or a medical billing company, your staff is probably doing some manual eligibility verification. This is unfortunately too much business cost and effort.

Recently I found that Instamed - a healthcare payment solution provider can fill the void. Yeah, I’m looking at that API lollypop.

Apart from eligibility, they also do payment collection, ecom, merchant and member payments.

As a dev, you can embed their solutions in your own app. The only problem which I saw was unavailability of a free tier.

If you’re already a healthcare company using their solutions and (obviously) paying for it. Having an API integrated will make you brag more in parties. You don’t need to be worried about that maintenance and regressions.

Here, this looks really relevant.

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